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“Principles of Contractual Interpretation Second Edition”
By Richard Calnan. $95.00 + P&P $6.00
The purpose of this book is to explain the principles of contractual interpretation. Contractual interpretation is ultimately intuitive. Richard sets out 10 Principles and explains each within the context of five clusters, 1. The Guiding Principle, 2. Text and Context, and 3. Understanding, 4. Changing or 5. Adding of Words. The Book starts with a one page quick reference summary of all 10 principles to aid easy 2 minute revision by the student of contractual interpretation. A legal text book focused on contractual interpretation is rare and this 2017 Second Edition is up to date and expanded to 228 pages from the 2013 first edition 191 pages.

“The CCA (Construction Contracts Act ) Handbook”
By Peter Degerholm. $65.00 + P&P $6.00
The CCA Handbook is a comprehensive overview of the Construction Contracts Act, as amended by the Construction Contracts Amendment Act 2015, covering:

  • The Construction Contracts Act and how it works
  • The changes to the Act
  • The payments process
  • Adjudication – for adjudicators and for parties to disputes
  • Enforcing overdue payments
  • A full copy of the amended Act and Regulations
  • Model forms

Essential tool for managing cashflow and minimising disputes in the construction industry.

"Stand and Deliver - Leadership and the Power of Teamwork"
by Warren Hollings. $45.00 + P&P $6.00
Warren Hollings is a master of construction time management. This is his view of management, construction project management, teamwork, planning, programming, people management, and what it takes to be a leader whose values allow teamwork to deliver the exceptional results only teamwork can. The ultimate New Zealand Guide to construction Project Management...

“A true leader, as they mould the team together, is constantly aware of the value of the individual as well as the needs of the team.” – Warren Hollings

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"The Builders and Home Handyman's Ready Reckoner"
by R J Willson.   $25.00 + P&P $6.00 

This is a book of facts containing data, tables, formulas and details. How to estimate quantities, fixings, time allowances and wastage. How to calculate for building works and other background information, short cuts and procedures used in the building industry.


"Rafter Lengths & Bevels"
by R J Willson and K C Woods. $25.00 + P&P $6.00
Designed not only to replace the steel square system but also to simplify the process of calculating rafter lengths and bevels and greatly reduce the risk of error. Expensive wastage is therefore kept to an absolute minimum. The calculations cover every roof pitch from 5° to 75° in 1° increments. Full details on the use of this simple guide are given in the Introduction to the book. The angles are clearly drawn in line diagram form allowing the reader to set up a sliding bevel quite simply and KNOW the result is accurate.

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Principals of Contractual Interpretation

CCA Handbook

Stand and Deliver

The Builders and Home Handyman's Ready Reckoner and Handbook

Rafter Lengths & Bevels




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